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Business Overview

Providing high value-added services and products that are integrally connected to our everyday lives.

POCKET CARD’s fundamental stance is to always stand in our customers’ shoes and thoroughly pursue unique and high value-added services. We offer a number of benefits such as a 1% discount at time of billing and “Pocket Points,” which are sure to satisfy our customers.

 The Industry's Most Unique Service:"1% discount at time of billing" 
POCKET CARD's marketing style focuses on the customer's point of view in pursuit of unique, highly convenient services that only we can offer. One of our unique programs offers cardholders a 1% discount on purchases at time of billing when they use their cards at stores affiliated with POCKET CARD or MasterCard, Visa, or JCB. We are also increasing customer satisfaction by upgrading our own cash-back point program and our service for transferring points to other companies' point programs.

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 POCKET MALL: Online shopping mall for members 
POCKET CARD operates a portal of various online stores exclusively for our card members, bringing together general online shopping sites, online shopping sites of department stores, and shopping sites for such popular items as apparel, books, electrical appliances, and travel. By shopping through this portal, members can enjoy huge savings: in addition to accumulating regular shopping points, they can earn bonus points provided by each shop as a reward.

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A superior information infrastructure that builds a bond of trust with our customers.

Appropriate risk management from credit screening to collection is above all the foundation of the credit card business, and is the engine that drives earnings. We are taking a number of approaches to building our own unique credit engine. One approach is to utilize the wealth of consumer finance-related expertise we have accumulated over the years. Another is to increase the sophistication of our credit systems through repeated formulation and verification of credit exposure hypotheses using our own extensive database. Through these efforts we drove further evolution in what already ranks among the best credit engines in the industry.

 Speedy Credit Screening Structure and Sophisticated Receivables Management 
POCKET CARD strives to make the greatest possible use of IT in its operations. This has included creating advanced credit management systems by introducing web-based credit card applications, as well as receivables management based on detailed database analysis using carefully defined classifications by client type. The Company has also implemented counseling-based debt collection for each individual client according to their arrears and ability to pay, and is working to detect fraudulent card use at an early stage by implementing the “ACE Plus” fraud detection system. As a result of such initiatives, the Company is able to respond quickly and accurately to customers at every stage, from initial application and screening to allocation of credit, interim management, and receivables management. Going forward, POCKET CARD will continue to enhance its credit engine in its effort to become a credit card company that can satisfy all its customers.

Expanding marketing capabilities

In addition to our face-to-face marketing activities that address each customer individually and revolve around the channels jointly developed with the ITOCHU Group, we are now aiming to increase the number of cardholders through the affiliate cards of Internet-based firms and through our own Web channels. Additionally, through such efforts as issuing business cards to individual business owners and jointly promoting the “Famima T Card” business with FamilyMart Co. Ltd. we have been signing up more cardholders across a wider membership base.

 Issue of affiliate cards 
We issue various affiliate cards based on channels jointly developed with the ITOCHU Group and alliances with Internet-based firms, and provide fine-tuned services, including offering benefits that match the customer needs of each card. Going forward, we intend to cultivate new business partners so that more customers will be able to use the Company’s card.

 Famima Tcard business 
The Company, together with the FamilyMart Co., Ltd., has been promoting the “Famima T Card” business. We have been further expanding our business by utilizing FamilyMart’s extensive network of stores across the nation.

 Business card business 
In addition to credit cards intended for general customers, we also issue credit cards geared toward business owners, including individual business owners and owners of small to medium-sized businesses. To expand our operations for our business customers, we have set up a Business Center to conduct sales promotions of business-type products.

 Insurance agency business 
POCKET CARD, as a selling agent for life and non-life insurance, offers a variety of insurance products. In order to bring our over 5 million card members closer to insurance, POCKET CARD has been aiming to provide insurance products that fit the needs of each individual by providing enrollment information through the phone, by direct mail and on the web.
POCKET CARD has been proposing insurance products suited to the lifetime milestones of its customers through its expanded sales channels including visits to customers and in-store consultations.

 Nationwide membership 
As of the end of February 2017, the POCKET CARD Group had a membership of approximately 5 million cardholders. The POCKET CARD Group boasts a membership base that extends from Hokkaido to Okinawa and covers a wide range of age groups.