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Basic Management Policies
Our Company recognizes that the essence of the credit card business is to contribute to enriching the lives of our customers through the creation of high value-added services that are integrally connected to everyday lives, and believes that this will enhance our long-term enterprise value.

Based on this belief, the Company seeks to become the company of choice for our customers by acting with sincerity and providing unique and high value-added services and products from the perspective of our customers.

Medium-term management plan

In the credit card industry to which our Company belongs, the card cashing market is expected to continue declining due to the impact of the total quantity regulations precipitated by the revisions to the Money Lending Business Act. Meanwhile, in the context of the economic effects associated with the holding of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020 and an expansion in the range of credit card settlements, etc., it is expected that credit card shopping will continue to expand and that the industrial environment will take a favorable turn over the medium term.

Under such circumstances, our Company has formulated a three-year medium-term management plan, in an effort to realize our Corporate Vision “to create high value-added services that are integrally connected to everyday lives” and to further improve our corporate value.

Based on the medium-term management plan that we have recently formulated, our Company will seek to further reinforce the Famima T Card business, which has led our growth since the business merger in 2011, by further soliciting credit card membership as well as encouraging credit card use; and seek to stably expand other existing businesses by reinforcing efforts and expanding new partners, while positioning the Famima T Card business and other existing businesses as "the two wheels of a cart." As the foundation to support these businesses, our Company will promote efforts for the reinforcement of business competitiveness, through the planning and development of high value-added products and services and the improvement of the quality of overall credit card operations; and for ensuring system reinforcement through the enhancement of the corporate governance system and continuous reinforcement of the compliance system.
By realizing these goals, our Company will seek to achieve an 8% ROE in 2018, which is the last year under the management plan.

[Priority tasks]
  1. 1. Further reinforcement of the Famima T Card business
    1. (1) Enhancement of the membership base
    2. (2) Steady accumulation of shopping revolving balances
  2. 2. Stable expansion of existing businesses
    1. (1) Turnaround and accumulation of outstanding loan receivables
    2. (2) Development of new marketing bases
  3. 3. Reinforcement of competitiveness of services and operations
    1. (1) Creation of high value-added products and services
    2. (2) Continuous improvement of the quality of operations
  4. 4. System reinforcement to realize sustainable growth
    1. (1) Enhancement of the corporate governance system
    2. (2) Continuous reinforcement of the compliance system
[Numerical goals (for fiscal 2018)]
Operating revenue
40 billion yen
Ordinary income
8 billion yen
Net income
5 billion yen