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Corporate Governance
Basic Principles Regarding Corporate Governance

The Company is aware that the purpose of corporate governance is to sustainably enhance and maximize its corporate value through cooperation with its shareholders and all other stakeholders.
Under such basic principles, the Company is working on the improvement of corporate governance based on the following policy:
<Basic Policy>
The Company strives to:

  1. Respect shareholders’ rights and ensure equal treatment
  2. Cooperate appropriately with various stakeholders including shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees and communities
  3. Appropriately disclose information to enhance management transparency
  4. Execute highly effective supervisory functions of management as a company with an audit & supervisory board by ensuring that the Board of Directors (including Independent Outside Directors) and the Audit & Supervisory Board properly play their roles and assume responsibility, respectively
  5. Conduct constructive dialogue with shareholders so as to contribute to achieve sustainable growth and enhance corporate value in the medium- to long-term
Diagram of the Corporate Organization and the Internal Control System

The structure of business execution, audits and internal control is as follows.

May 29, 2017

diagram of general meeting of share holders