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1. Investment decisions
The information contained on this website is provided solely to aid in shareholders’ and investors’ understanding of POCKET CARD, not to solicit investments in our securities. Users are requested to make investment decisions based on their own judgment. We bear no liability whatsoever should any damage be caused by an investment judgment made based on the information contained herein.

2. Future prospects
Of the information contained herein, prospects and forecasts for current plans and future performance are based on the judgment made by top management based on information currently available. Please note that actual performance may greatly differ from these prospects, etc. due to changes in economic situations or other various factors.

3. Content information
We pay full attention in posting information on this website but will not warrant any accuracy or integrity of the content. We bear no liability for any damage that may be caused by any inaccurate description, error, download of data, or other use of this website.

4. Operation of this website
This website is subject to the suspension or discontinuation of operation or changes in content without preliminary notification. Normal use of this website may not be available due to the communication environment, status of the user's computer, or other reason. We also bear no liability for any trouble, loss, or damage that may result from such unavailability.